There is probably nowhere in the world with so many good collections of Camellias in so small an area as Cornwall.

Add at least three nurseries offering very respectable ranges plus two gardens which have played a major role in the history of the genus in cultivation, not to mention two national collections, and you start to see why a resident of the county might aquire more than a passing interest in this aristocratic group of plants.

The reason Cornwall features so strongly in the Camellia world is simple; the climate suits them to perfection. Camellias are easy to grow in Cornwall. With few exceptions the soil is acidic, the rainfall is about right and spread throughout the year and it rarely gets very cold, with -5°C being as cold as it gets in most places in most winters, or very hot, 25°C being a distant dream through most summers.

I have been growing and photographing Camellias, mostly in Cornwall, for over twenty years. I'd like to share these images with you, for your interest, information and enjoyment.